Background: Muslimgauze began in 1982 and primarily consisted of Bryn Jones, from Manchester, England with some engineering as sistance from John Delf on some recordings. Over the years, Muslimgauze produced over a hundred musical releases in nearly every form of media available. Bryn died of a rare fungal infection in his blood stream on January 14 at 22:50 GMT, a mere two and a half weeks after the creation of this mailing list forum. He left us with a legacy that still continues to evolve even after his death since so much of his music still had not yet been released. When asked to describe Muslimgauze to someone who hadn't ever heard his music, Bryn replied, "Every piece of music is influenced by a particular fact, be it Palestine, Iran, or Afghanistan, the whole Middle East is an influence to Muslimgauze. From the political situations I am influenced to create music, endless music."
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A. Since this is a new list, traffic is as yet unknown. When enough archived information is available, the faq will be updated.
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Q. We are currently looking into this but at present, Listbot does not offer a digest version. Check back on this FAQ soon, as soon as we get a definitive answer it will be posted here.
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Q. Is there an Islamaphonia web site?
A. If you are reading this on the web site, this question is already answered for you. If you are reading this elsewhere, you can find the Islamaphonia web site here.
Q. Is the trading of MP3s, CD-Rs or other second hand recordings acceptable on the list?
A. Staalplaat and Soleilmoon have graciously allowed reproduction of select deleted and sold out items in their catalog. For more information about this, a portion of this website will be dedicated to it called "The Souk" which will be posted shortly.
Q. Is there an official Muslimgauze web site?
A. Yes, Muslimgauze - the Messenger (The Authorized Muslimgauze Site) is available by clicking here. It is an essential site with a complete discography, articles, interviews, press releases and reviews.
Q. Where can I get Muslimgauze releases if I can't find them locally?
A. You can order many Muslimgauze releases directly from Soleilmoon and Staalplaat.
P.O. Box 83296
Portland, OR 97283 USA
Tel: +1 (503) 335-0706

Fax: +1 (503) 335-0805
P.O. Box 1453
1001 GL Amsterdam, NL
or you may wish to order from David Hodgson of Playing By Ear. PBE have one of the largest catalogs of Muslimgauze releases for sale in the world. Email PBE for a list of available releases.
Q. What is the Muslimgauze Subscription?
A. Staalplaat began a Muslimgauze Subscription to enable people to be assured of getting some of the extremely limited quantities of some Muslimgauze releases. Due to the prolific output of the artist and the expense of producing large pressings of every Muslimgauze recording, some Muslimgauze releases are released in very limited editions so that the material can at least be released in some form. For more information on the Muslimgauze Subscription, click here.
Q. What are some other bands that release music that is similar to Muslimgauze?
A. The sound of Muslimgauze is so varied and so original it is virtually unmistakeable. There are, however, some bands which share some similar qualities to certain Muslimgauze releases as well as some artists who have remixed Bryn Jones' music or been remixed by Muslimgauze. As a start, here is a vague list of bands/artists which may fit one of the many styles of Muslimgauze:
Aphex Twin, Bedouin Sound Clash, DJ Spooky, Bill Laswell/Divination/Sacred System/Axiom Dub, Master Musicians of Jajouka, Nonplace Urban Field, O Yuki Conjugate, Qaballah, Panasonic, Raksha Mancham, Rapoon, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Rootsman, Scarab, Slotek, Sonar, SubDub, The Seshambeh Project, Trial of the Bow, Twilight Circus, Vidna Obmana, Zion Train, Zoviet France
Q. What kind of equipment does Muslimgauze use?
A. Muslimgauze uses real percussion. He suppliments his recordings with found objects, old recordings of people on cassette and reel, old drum machines and a variety of effects and mixing techniques.

Q. What is the status of the two MP3 recordings that were created for free download from the net?
A. "Melt" and "Fedayeen" were released as MP3 releases and made available as free downloads from the net with permission to burn to CD-R. Due to extremely heavy traffic downloading these, they are only available for a limited time at the Official Muslimgauze Web Site.

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