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-The Messenger-
Muslimgauze Official website

Muslimgauze discussion group, between 2001 / 2019.
first Islamaphonia
Not updated anymore!!!
It is a back up of the old pages, there are some broken links...
First Muslimgauze Electronic Mailing List.
This section brings many informations about the political contexts of each albums

'The souk' : Muslimgauze trading section.

'El Tafkeera' Remix project.
>Remixs in Remembrance of Muslimgauze.
Remixs by Islamaphoniacs, compiled and mastered by C. Reider at Vuzh Studio, Summer 2002.
The tracks are freely downloadable ;)

Fanpage by Ares Solis.
Some nice posters & 'Box of Silk and Dogs' inserts for Jewel Cases.

One article by Laurent Diouf and some reviews of albums, on the French label site 'Wreck This Mess'.
Article Feardrop magazine 1999 (N°6) - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Feardrop magazine
N°6 /1999
_french article (pdf format - 4 pages)


'Perfect sound forever' article, by Ibrahim Khider (March 2005). 

Industrial nation -2004-

Interview achtung baby magazine

Achtung baby magazine -1998-

Online Shop

Arsmacabre Online Shop
A great german site to buy Muslimgauze releases.


'Equations Of Eternity'
Article for EI Magazine, by Ibrahim Khider (spring/summer 2006).
'Muslin Gaze'

Article for Bidoun Magazine (number 11) by Jace Clayton / Dj Rupture (summer 2007).

Muslimgauze live in Stockholm 1998

/ 3 min

Small WORLD Podcast
(Jul 09, 2007)
Bazooka Joe interviews Rogers Richards of Extreme Records.
> "how his relationship with Bryn Jones of Muslimgauze began"
> "the consequences for Extreme Records for Bryn's political views"

Another interview of Roger Richard (June 1st 2007) is available on the Chain D.L.K website :
He said : "I do regret not being in a position to release more of the music of Muslimgauze.
I really enjoyed the way [Bryn Jones] continued to evolve, albeit very gradually, as an artist.
However, it was good for other labels to step in and maintain the musical outpouring."
'Shimmer, Then Disappear'
Article by Mark Richardson ( february 2008)
Article Art Delano post (+ comments)
(December 22, 2008)


Carl Hanni article
(January 28, 2009)
Many albums of Muslimgauze, available as free audio streaming.

Great site to buy Muslimgauze Cds or
buy Mp3 albums.
Site is available in 3 langages : english / german / french.

Muslimgauze Memory Parties / Baraka Festival (Russia)

Memory parties in Moscow.

Some 'collaborators' of Muslimgauze :
groups names albums
Apollon Martin Lee-Stephenson "Dark Thoughts" - "Year Zero"
Bass Communion Steven Wilson "Bass Communion vs Muslimgauze" Lp and Ep
Celtarabia Quentin Budworth and more... "Celtarabia vs Muslimgauze" not released
Reverberation French band "New Soul" Muslimgauze remixes
Sonar Dirk Ivens & Eric Van Wonterghem "Sonar vs. Muslimgauze"
Species Of Fishes Igor kolyadny "Muslimgauze vs Species Of Fishes"
Suns of arqa
Michael Wadada & Co
"MuslimGauze - The Suns Of Arqa Mixes"
Systemwide Five-man band "At The City Of The Dead" - "Nommos' Return" -
"Lo-fi India Abuse'
The Rootsman John Bolloten "City Of Djinn" - "Return To The City Of Djinn"
_and "Amahar" not released
Twilight circus Ryan Moore  "Mort Aux Vaches"