Muslimgauze has played live in the UK, in Germany, Japan, Sweden, France, NL and Spain.
Here is a listing of those concerts, with some photos / flyers / bills or medias.
Special thanks to Simon Scott for his help.

If you have any missing info, visual or recording, you can send a me


V2 music festival, in an old factory building. Bryn was playing in a very small room, sitting in one corner and played
on some sort of amplified tube, with backing tapes and machinery & Bourbonese Qualk : Steven Tanza on drums & Simon Crab on bass.
‘Bryn was so traumatised by the event that he swore never to play live again.’ cf Simon Crab.

> Some sound glitches were removed from the original file available on Simon Crab’s blog .


Review of the ‘Artitexture’ exhibition in V2, Aawal 2a, Den Bosch, Saturday 26 April, 1986 :

2 03/09/1995 -EDINBURGH- -UK-
Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh School of Art.
The first live uk performance in a small electronic club space which was part of a festival programme.
Color Climax organised by Blue Room (Edinburgh) & Sonora (Glasgow).

3 08/10/1995 -LEEDS- -UK-
Sunday Service at Cafe Mex – Muslimgauze & Nine Invisibles (Bryn was joined by Mick Reed on percussion).
also : Scorn; Simon Scott on the decks.

Concert bill, live in Leeds 08/10/1995.

4 18/02/1996 -LEEDS- -UK-
Sunday Service at The Duchess – Muslimgauze; Lost Music of Celtarabia; Simon Scott on the decks.

5 26/05/1996 -LEEDS- -UK-
Sunday Service at The Duchess – Muslimgauze; Saddar Bazaar (live acoustic psychedelic band with tabla and sitar,
signed on delerium records); Simon Scott on the decks.

6 03/08/1996 -NORFOLK- -UK- (finally moved to August 31)
Big Chill Gala -Festival – various artists (more then 100!)
The extraordinary story of the Big Chill 1996 (archive) :

7 24/08/1996 – BERLIN- -GERMANY-
Staalplaat Sonderangebot Festival (1. August – 8. September 1996)
Muslimgauze meets Werner Durand (also guest on the ‘mort aux vaches’ album), Ben de Biel & Chris Keller (Berlin).
‘Industrial Raga’.
Reviews : 12

Photos of the concert by Geert-Jan Hobijn (owner of Staalplaat label)

8 17/10/1996 -LEEDS- -UK-
Brainticket at Le Phono – Muslimgauze; Gagarin; Simon Scott on the decks.

VPRO studios – Mort Aux Vaches serie.

Muslimgauze : Main Performer
Ryan Moore : Bass, Percussion, Theremin
Werner Durand : Wind Instruments

Released on CD in April 1998, on Staalplaat records. (1 Track / Jaagheed Zarb / 52:37 min )

10 21/06/1997 – Plauen – GERMANY
Equinoxe Organisation – Seehausclub / Comeniusstr. 15 A
Ah Cama-Sotz / Sshe Retina Stimulants / Muslimgauze / Iugula-Thor

flyer Plauen 97
Concert bill, live in Plauen 21/06/1997

11 22/06/1997 -ROSTOCK harbour- -GERMANY-

/ 63:00 min (tracks edited)

Live recording of this concert (+1 track from Stockholm 1998) available as a limited tape/ digital on bandcamp (release date : march 15, 2021 . Staalplaat)

12 26/07/1997 -ALGECIRAS- -SPAIN-
Plaza de Toros – Oído de los Mundos festival (part of ‘Almadraba proyecto’)

Artists : Kiko Veneno, US3, Master Musicians of Jajouka, la Banda de Música de Cagarrutas del Monte (chirigota), la Víctor Nubla & Banda de Música de Algeciras, Salvador Bocanegra, Muslimgauze y Gnawa de Marrakesh.

“4 am in a spanish bull ring” INFOS
Article from the Daily newspaper ‘El Correo de Andalucía’, 25/07/1997 :

13 01/11/1997 -LEEDS- -UK-
Tandoori Space at The Duchess – Lost Music of Celtarabia/Muslimgauze/Simon Scott.
‘An evening of Muslimgauze and Celtarabia’
“The place was packed to the gills — and the percussionists from Celtarabia added further force to the Muslimgauze set.”

Concert bill, live in Leeds
01/11/1997 – review (archive)

14/15 27/01/1998 -TOKYO- -JAPAN-
Club Shibuya On Air West .
The concert included Muslimgauze and 7° (featuring Andrew Hulme / Paul Schutze / Simon Hopkins) and guest DJ act Chris Case.
(there were 2 concerts of Muslimgauze in Japan this month – both recorded)

On Air West
Address: 2-3, Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5458-4646

Photo of his instruments by Satoshi Morita, organizer of the concert.

1998 - Japan - photo by Andrew Hulme - from book "Chasing The Shadow Of Bryn Jones" (2014)

Concert bill, live in Japan 27/01/1998.

16 04/04/1998 -LONDON- -UK-
A Night Of East Westercisms at The ICA (the Institute of Contemporary Arts):
Muslimgauze, James Hardway, Finitribe, Fructose, Summit, Joi, Bedouin Ascent, Luke Vibert, Mix-Master Morris, Doppler 20:20 & Guests, Spongeboy & Tench, Tandori Space, State Of Bengal, visuals by glimpse & Autopilot.

Doppler 20:20 gig featuring Bryn
(with Martin Lee-Stephenson on bass,
not visible on the photo).
> This photo is a snapshot that comes
from the silent video on the ‘abu dis’ album.

17 15/04/1998 -LONDON- -UK-
The Cross Bar. Nation records event.
‘Global Sweatbox’ + dj Simon Scott

18 21/05/1998 -BERLIN- -GERMANY-
Eschschloraque, rümschrümp
Rosenthaler Str. 39
10178 Berlin

Berlin Flyer 1998
Concert bill, live in Berlin 21/05/1998

19 13/06/1998 – STOCKHOLM- -SWEDEN-
Stubnitz boat, Stockholm, Sweden
(Nursery Injection Festival )
Concert was entirely shot by the Stubnitz crew but nothing has been officially released.
Review and photos (back up)

Two video extracts of the concert here :

Muslimgauze – live in Sweden 13/06/1998.

Concert bill, live in Sweden 13/06/1998
Thanks to Mårten Sahlén for providing the concert bill.

20 18-20/09/1998 -NORMANDY- -FRANCE-
The Monastery Of Sound, a three-day electronica event at a 12th Century Abbey in Normandy, France, runs from 18th-20th September 1998.
Line up includes Muslimgauze, Bedouin Ascent, Jimpster, Luke Vibert, Mixmaster Morris, Rhys Chatham, Richard James’ Rephlex Allstars, Si-{cut}.db, Spongeboy and Tench, Tony Morely, Witchman among many, many others.

Concert flyer, live in France 18-20/09/1998

21 09/10/1998 -ROME -ITALY-
DJ set in Brancaleone club. (Thanks to Paul Toohill, DJ & organizer of the event, for the info!)

22 28/10/1998 -LEEDS -UK-
Tandoori Space – The Cockpit, Swinegate, Leeds
Muslimgauze performing a DJ set of unreleased material together with Tandoori SpaceMan, Simon Scott. Doors open at 9pm.
‘Point Zero’ + Beaumont Hannant.
Techno and electronic with Bryn in room 2 with dub dj’s.

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23 28-29/11/1998 -BERLIN -GERMANY-
Muslimgauze, Ryoji Ikeda, To Rococo Rot, Tarwater, Bleed, Laub, Silo, Pole, Rechenzentrum, Kante, Ronnie & Clyde and others appear at the two-day Ballroom International mini-festival at Volksbuehne, Rosa-Luxemburg- Platz, Berlin. 8pm, 25/18DM,
Tickets and information +49-30-247-6772, +49-30-247-7694.

Bryn on visit at Law and Order’s
studios in Oval, London -1998.

Photo taken by Martin Parker from D.O.R.

Bryn on visit at Law and Order’s
studios in Oval, London -1998.