[1983 / 2011]

A dome of the rock K Sycophant of Purdah
al aqsa intifada drugsherpa kabul (vinyl) sonar vs muslimgauze
abu-dis E kashmiri queens speaker of turkish (lim) / 2sd ed
abu nidal (vinyl) emak bakia L speaking with hamas
alms for Iraq eye for an eye (vinyl) Lahore and Marseille / second ed. species of fishes vs muslimgauze
al-zulfikar shaheed Lazhareem ul Leper split (Ep vinyl)
arab quarter F lo-fi india abuse sufiq
arabbox (special edition) fakir sind M syrinjia (vinyl)
armsbazzar farouk enjineer madrass sitar burner (2 vinyls) syrinjia (2 cd’s)
at the city of the dead (vinyl) fatah guerrilla maroon (1st ed.) / maroon (2sd ed.) T
ayatollah dollar fedayeen (MP3 ed.) / (CD ed.) mazar I sharif >> TMPS releases
azad flajelata (vinyl) melt (MP3 ed.) / melt (Ep – vinyl) >> TAPES
azure deux G minaret speaker (vinyl) tandoori dog (vinyl)
azzazin gulf between us mort aux vaches the rape of palestine (vinyl)
azzazin2 (vinyl) gun aramaic mullah said the unfinished mosque (vinyl)
B gun aramaic part 2 muslimlim028 the suns of arqa mixes
babylon iz iraq H N triptych Ep (vinyl)
baghdad hajj (vinyl) nadir of purdah (vinyl) / nadir of purdah (cd) U
bandit queen Ep (vinyl) hamas arc (includes insert for satyajit eye DAT) narcotic united states of Islam
Bass com. vs Muslimgauze (cd & ep) hamas cinema gaza strip new soul untitled (klangalerie)
betrayal hammer & sickle (vinyl) nile quartra (vinyl) untitled 7″ EP (picture disc)
bhutto hand of fatima no human rights for arabs in Israel (ep / vinyl) uzbekistani bizzare and souk
beirut transister hebron massacre no human rights for arabs in Israel uzi (the rape of palestine)
beyond the blue mosque hummus no human rights for arabs in Israel – the remix uzi (vinyl)
blue mosque hunting out with an aerial eye nommo’s return (vinyl) uzi mahmood (ep / vinyl)
blinded horses (vinyl) hussein mahmood jeeb tehar gass (cd) / vinyl O uzi mahmood (album)
box of silk and dogs / new editions I observe with sadiq bey V
bryn jones speaks (interview) infidel occupied territories vampire of tehran
buddhist on fire (vinyl) intifaxa P veiled sisters
iran port said (vinyl) veiled sisters remix
C iranair inflight magazine R vote hezbollah / repress 2005
chapter of purity (ed.1200) / (ed.200) iranian female olympic table tennis team theme red madrassa W
citadel in search of ahmad shah masood (cd) red crescent (vinyl) wish of the flayed (MP3 ed.)
city of djinn in search of ahmad shah masood (md) remixs / remixs vol.2 / remixs vol.3 Y
classics selection inspirational sounds of muslimgauze remixs vol.1&2 year zero
cobra head soup (2 vinyls) izlamaphobia (cd) return to the city of djinn your mines in kabul
completely oblique (compilation) izlamaphobia (vinyl) return of black september (includes insert Z
coup d’├ętat – abu nidal J for uzbekistani bizzare and souk DAT) zealot
coup d’├ętat (vinyl) jaal ab dullah S zealot Ep
D jaagheed zarb salaam alekum bastard zuriff moussa (first edition)
damascus (2 vinyls) jah-mearab sandtrafikar zuriff moussa (2sd edition)
dar es salaam jazirat ul arab (vinyl) sarin israel nes ziona zuriff moussa (vinyl)
dark thoughts jebel tariq (MP3 ed.) silknoose zul’m
deceiver jebel tariq (CD ed.) Sulaymaniyah

Artworks by H’cile :
Artworks by Oleg Galay :
Artworks by Plazm :