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Muslimgauze – Betrayal [Cd & Vinyls ] pre-orders

Formats: 3×12″ / CD
CD version around 20th of March.
Vinyl version is planned to be available for shipping in early May.
“Betrayal” is remastered by C-drik, who previously made remastering for our releases of “Eleven Minarets” and “Salaam Alekum, Bastard” on Kvitnu.
Vinyl edition is limited to only 300 copies, and CDs to 200 copies.

Muslimgauze – United States of Islam [2LP's]

Pre-order now : (soon?)

Release date : 1st of march 2024.

Kashmiri Queens 12″ & CD – OUT NOW!

Limited edition of 200 Green vinyl copies for bandcamp only. This vinyl has just 10 tracks for track 7 is a shorter version of track 10, and track 11 is a shorter version of track 1.
The cd : limited edition of 200 copies, bandcamp only (the cd has all 12 tracks)

Standard edition, with black vinyl, is also available online/ at your retailers (500 copies).

Muslimgauze – The Extreme Years 1990-1994 deluxe boxset [pre-order] US edition

US edition of 50 copies only, exclusively sold by Soleilmoon

release date : first 29 of february , 2024

Muslimgauze – Intifaxa [vinyl] OUT!

Limited edition 2 LPs

in extra heavy cardboard with deluxe spot UV finish and inside print.

Muslimgauze – The Extreme Years 1990-1994 deluxe boxset [pre-order]

* release date : 26.01.2024
* first time ever on vinyl
* with bonus songs
* unique sleeves with special spot UV and inside print
* wooden deluxe boxset with 9 vinyls, booklet, hand numbered certificate card
* golden vinyl boxset lim.100 copies
* black vinyl boxset lim.200 copies

The original tracks were perfectly remastered for this first time ever vinyl release and the new masters received high praise from the Extreme Music owner Roger Richards.
New sleeve designs were created by Oleg Galay, who is famous for his artworks for many Muslimgauze reissues.

The boxset contains the albums:

Intifaxa 2LP (AKT16)
United States of Islam 2LP (AKT17)
Zul’m 2LP (AKT18)
Citadel 2LP (AKT19)
Infidel LP (AKT20) – not available outside the box
as well as a LP sized 8 page booklet, a pro DJ slipmat and a hand numbered certificate card, all housed in a highest quality, heavy wooden box.
All album covers are made from extra heavy cardboard with deluxe spot UV finish and inside print.

Muslimgauze vs Species Of Fishes (An Essential Extraction) [Blue or black vinyl LP]

Muslimgauze vs Species Of Fishes…/muslimgauze-vs…/978257-01/…,…/200297-muslimgauze-vs…,……/168095-gxd005-species…

Most likely available at more shops as well.

Release date : december 2023

Muslimgauze Memorial Mix Part 4 [Tape /Digital]

C 60 tape Mixed by Cheb Gero
Designed by Brigade Cynophile
Muslimgauze tape 11, edition of 100 copies!

release date : 20, november 2023

The Remix [digital / Cd / LP's]

A demo record, from around 1997 / 1998.

Return To The City of Djinn, first vinyl edition, Out June, 16!

Return To The City of Djinn, first vinyl edition, Out June, 16!
Limited edition of 500.

Double album housed in a wonderful sleeve designed by Oleg Galay. Including one 12” color insert. High quality pressing.

The second part of the famous collaboration between two UK based electronic pioneers: John Bolloten aka The Rootsman & Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze.
For this album the original The Rootsman material from his albums “Into The Light” and “52 Days to Timbuktu” was remixed and deconstructed by Muslimgauze. As always with Bryn Jones, all material is inspired by Arab culture.
We hear distorted dub rhythms, sawn-off loops, traditional music, male and female voices and then distorted rhythms again. Closing your eyes, you can find yourself in the middle of an eastern city, walk along its noisy streets, admire the ancient architecture. This noise can tell amazing stories!

First vinyl edition. Originally released in 1999 on CD by Third Eye Music.