Lo​-​Fi India Abuse [LP & CD re-issue] PRE-ORDER

Lo​-​Fi India Abuse

12″ LP / 12″ Picture Disc LP / CD

(500 copies each)

release date : LATE NOVEMBER 2022



The Unfinished Mosque [digital]


Return To The City Of Djinn [CD] PRE-ORDER

Edition of 200 (normal edition) + 100 (very limited edition in a printed fabric bag & Three cards)

Release date :  25 OCTOBER 2022.


Muslimgauze Memorial Mixtape 2 [tape]

C 60 tape Mixed by Cheb Gero
Designed by Brigade Cynophile
Muslimgauze tape 9 edition of 100 copies!


Azzazin – Tshirt

Limited edition of 50 copies! yellow Azzazin long sleef two color screen print
plus free digital copy or of the azzazin record.


Zealot postcard (sold out)

A 180 x 127 mm postcard with one 3 min unrelease track in a edition of 250 numbered copies.

Salaam Alekum, Bastard [cassette tape]

Salaam Alekum, Bastard re-issue on tape
limited edition of 100 copies


Veiled Sisters – re-issue on 3LP’s / 2CD’s


Audio remastered for vinyl by John Hannon.
Audio remastered for digital by Cam Deas.
Artwork restored by Ryan Tong.

Release date : 7 october 2022.


Chechnya Over Dub / Shekel Of Israeli Occupation [LP's / CD's]

https://ishallsinguntilmylandisfree.bandcamp.com/album/chechnya-over-dub OUT!

https://ishallsinguntilmylandisfree.bandcamp.com/album/shekel-of-israeli-occupation (already out)

Three-sided 180gr black vinyl.

Limited edition of 600 copies (each).

CD’s : 300 copies , each.

Muslimgauze Memorial Mixtape 1 (sold out)

C 60 tape Mixed by Cheb Gero
Designed by Brigade Cynophile
Muslimgauze tape 8 edition of 90 copies!