——————Muslimgauze remixing other musicians———————-

The Rootsman vs MuslimgauzeCity Of Djinn

The Rootsman vs MuslimgauzeReturn To The City Of Djinn

The Rootsman meets MuslimgauzeAl Aqsa Intifada

The Rootsman / MuslimgauzeOn-Line Jihad

The Rootsman / MuslimgauzeFuck Israel

Apollon / MuslimgauzeDark Thoughts

Apollon / MuslimgauzeYear Zero

New Soul (Reverberation Remixes By Muslimgauze)

Muslimgauze Vs Species Of FishesMuslimgauze Vs Species Of Fishes

Systemwide Meets MuslimgauzeNommos’ Return (Systemwide‘s “Sirius” remixes)

MuslimgauzeLo-Fi India Abuse (Systemwide‘s “Sirius” remixes)

MuslimgauzeAbu-Dis (various artists)

MuslimgauzeSonderangebot (Muslimgauze Re-mixs) (also on Box of Silk And Dogs) (various artists)

Muslimgauze / Suns Of ArqaThe Suns Of Arqa Mixes & the reissue with slightly different tracks :

Suns Of Arqa Re-Mixs Muslimgauze (which is actually the contrary…)

Red Madrassa (remixes of Rhodesia aka Rя/Ба Mutantъ)

Bass Communion v Muslimgauze & Bass Communion v Muslimgauze EP and also the album + Ep together :

Bass Communion | Muslimgauze – bcvsmgcd

Camel Through A Needles Eye (remixes of Eps of Steven Wilson groups No-Man & Porcupine Tree)

Babylon Iz Iraq (remixes of UniTone HiFi‘s “Wickedness Increased“)

Sonar vs MuslimgauzeSonar vs Muslimgauze

MuslimgauzeIzlamic Songs (6/7/8 remixes of music by Systemwide)

Ryoji Ikeda Re-Mixs (remix of Ryoji Ikeda – Time And Space)

MuslimgauzeTurkish Berlina written ”remixes’ on DAT (2/3/4 = Ryoji Ikeda Re-Mixs )

Muslimgauze vs CeltarabiaMuslimgauze Vs Celtarabia

PanasonicRemixes (2 remixes by Muslimgauze)

Muslimgauze strip down and abuse Bill Laswell (unreleased)

————————Similarities/ links between albums———————————

Demo = CD1 on  From The Edge (Deluxe Edition) = Live At The Manchunian Turkish Baths, recorded around 1990 on a cassette tape.”Original cassette material from Bryn’s home.”

Port Said (staalplaat 2020) = Azzazin (staalplaat 1996). As ‘port Said’ was not released by the label at the time of its creation, Bryn Jones choosed to use the track titles on Sarin Israel Nes Ziona and Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Nadir Of Purdah 12″ = all tracks on the album Kashmiri Queens

Muslimgauze Vs Celtarabia partially from Trial Mixes 1997-1998 ( 5 tracks : 11/12/13/14/15)

Martyr Shrapnel = part of Al Jar Zia Audio

Mohammad Ali Jinnah = Sarin Israel Nes Ziona Other mixes (with 4 exclusive tracks : 3 / 7 / 14 / 15)