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Demo tape 7 – preorder [CD & Tape]

Home demo tracks

Bryn Jones testing his gears, this is really a demo, not finished tracks.

100 tapes & around 300 cds

release date : 18 may 2023


Eye for An Eye [LP / CD / Digital] Pre-order

12 “LP plus 7″ single (200 copies) release date : 15 may 2023

CD (300 copies) release date : 30 april 2023

2 unreleased tracks (Sub Cahra part 1 & 2)

pre-order : https://muslimgauze.bandcamp.com/album/eye-for-an-eye

Turn On Arab(ic) American Radio – CD / LP / Digital


Probably recorded in 1998. Work Titles on the original DAT : ‘Turn On Arab American Radio’ & ‘Arab American Radio’

Track 3 = track 6 on the album ‘Iranair inflight magazine’.


CD out! (300 copies)

Digital : 15/01/2023 (available in early january, only if you ordered the CD or the LP)

LP  (2 versions) : 15/01/ 2023


Muslimgauze Memorial Mixtape 2 [tape]

C 60 tape Mixed by Cheb Gero
Designed by Brigade Cynophile
Muslimgauze tape 9 edition of 100 copies!


Zealot postcard (sold out)

A 180 x 127 mm postcard with one 3 min unrelease track in a edition of 250 numbered copies.

Chechnya Over Dub / Shekel Of Israeli Occupation [LP's / CD's]

https://ishallsinguntilmylandisfree.bandcamp.com/album/chechnya-over-dub OUT!

https://ishallsinguntilmylandisfree.bandcamp.com/album/shekel-of-israeli-occupation (already out)

Three-sided 180gr black vinyl.

Limited edition of 600 copies (each).

CD’s : 300 copies , each.

Muslimgauze Memorial Mixtape 1 (sold out)

C 60 tape Mixed by Cheb Gero
Designed by Brigade Cynophile
Muslimgauze tape 8 edition of 90 copies!


Muslimgauze vs The Rootsman – City Of Djinn [LPs]

Double album housed in a wonderful sleeve, designed by Oleg Galay.
Comes with insert and reverse board pocket.
Limited to 750 copies.
Originally released on CD by Third Eye Music.
Release date : early march, 2022.


Demo tape 6 [Tape / Digital]

“Bedouin In Mercedes” (Posthumously titled by the label)
A bandcamp only release (Tape / Digital)
Tape : Limited edition of 300 copies.
Material from The Muslimgauze sound sketche book cassettes.
Radboud Mens: Audio Restoration.
release dates:
- blue/white version, 100 copies : 15 /03/ 2022 (sold out)
- black/ silver, 200 copies (100 silver side A, 100 silver side B) : 16 /05 /2022

Muslimgauze Digital

Staalplaat recently added many albums by Muslimgauze on a special bandcamp page , as digital downloads.


Some albums have exclusive bonus tracks :

Deceiver Vol 3 & 4 (1 bonus tracks)

Iranair Inflight Magazine (3 bonus tracks)


Return Of Black September (2 ‘black september sessions’ = track ‘Thugghee’)

also available on the LP version of ‘Return of Black September’ (2020)  and on the album ‘Jerusalaam’ (2016).

Also don’t miss the album ‘Muslimgauze remixs Ryoji Ikeda‘ (8 tracks, source material is the album ‘Time and Space”), only available on bandcamp during 1 day : the 5th June 2020.

“I send Bryn stuf from my label for no reason other then he might like it, and he should know what the staalplaat is releasing. It was not uncomen for us to do this.sending the remixes was his way of answering. he seems to like it for he tolled me he send some to record companies that then expressed interest “we reserve the right to use it” (some big names I forgot) when I asked if he could send me a copy, for I was interested how it sounded, he tolled me he send the originals. (auw)” Geert-Jan Hobijn, facebook post.

Proper Titles for the bandcamp digital version of the album ‘Abyssinia Selasie‘:

1 Abyssinia Selasie 4:17
2 Abyssinia Selasie (Short Version) 1:58
3 Benzedrine Wallah 5:40
4 Arab 6:42
5 Mind Of A Suicide Bomber 2:44
6 Negative 3:42
7 Amira Kadal Srinagar + Mea Culpa 8:28