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Martyr Shrapnel – re-issue PREORDER [LP's / CD / Digital]

This compilation is comprised of orphaned tracks from various masters by Bryn Jones, from 1996 to 1998.
Martyr Shrapnel‘ was originally released by The Muslimgauze Preservation Society in 2012.

2LP’s : 180gr Audiophile Heavy Black Vinyl, 400 copies
CD : 300 copies

Written, played, and recorded by Muslimgauze.
Mastering by Yuriy Bulychev.
Design by Zavoloka.
Photography & production by Dmytro Fedorenko.

Shrapnel and destroyed machine-gun cartridge were kindly provided by Maryna Fedorenko and Georgiy Potopalsky.

release dates :
-CD: April 13, 2023
-LP : June 1st, 2023 (small delay, due to a printing error)


Khan Younis – pre-order CD


• Gatefold Mini-LP sleeve


Muslimgauze – Khan Younis LP [pre-order]

Limited edition of 1000 copies (black LP : 500 copies , picture disc : 500 copies)

An Other Voices Records / Kontakt Audio Co-operation Release

Release date : March June September november 2022

Originally available as bonus tape for Emak Bakia Box Set.

A1 taken from VA – 110 Below – No Sleeve Notes Required (110 Below, 1995)
A2 taken from VA – Assemblage Volume Two (Extreme, 1996)
A3 taken from Nonplace Urban Field – Golden Star (Incoming!, 1996)
B1 taken from VA – Le Sacre Du Printemps (Gonzo Circus, 1994)
B2 taken from VA – X-X Section (Extreme, 1991)
B3 taken from VA – Directions 2 (Direction Music, 1989)

Compiled by Terry Bennett and Oleg Galay
Re-mastered by Višeslav Laboš
Artwork by Oleg Galay



MUSLIMGAUZE – Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones /11 CD Box

VOD CD10: MUSLIMGAUZE Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones 11 CD Box
CD01 Opaque
CD02 Kabul
CD03 Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye / Hammer & Sickle
CD04 Buddhist on Fire
CD05 Blinded Horses
CD06 Flajelata
CD07 Hajj
CD08 Jazirat Ul Arab
CD09 Abu Nidal
CD10 The Rape of Palestine
CD11 Coup d’Etat

Release date : June, 30 2021

Chapter of purity (compilation) / re-issue on tape (only 100 copies) OUT!


Muslimgauze cassette only release , scheduled for January February March April 2021.

Limited edition of 100 copies.


The tracks on this compilation were selected from the very early Muslimgauze vinyl releases once out on his own Limited Editions label (1984-1988)
All tracks were written by Bryn Jones
Mastered by Anders Peterson
Artwork by Oleg Galay.

Khan Younis (digital)


Compilation of rare tracks:

1.Khan Younis 07:03

2.Masawi Wife And Child (version) 07:43

3.Khan Younis RMX 03:40 (= Chilled No. 6 – Nonplace Urban Field remixed by Muslimgauze)

4.Khan Younis (version) 07:00

5.Shiva 06:56

6.Lion Of Kandahar (excerpt) 05:03

1 taken from VA – 110 Below – No Sleeve Notes Required (110 Below, 1995)
2 taken from VA – Assemblage Volume Two (Extreme, 1996)
3 taken from Nonplace Urban Field – Golden Star (Incoming!, 1996)
4 taken from VA – Le Sacre Du Printemps (Gonzo Circus, 1994)
5 taken from VA – X-X Section (Extreme, 1991)
6 taken from VA – Directions 2 (Direction Music, 1989)


Compiled by Terry Bennett and Oleg Galay
Mastered by Roman Galay
Sleeve by Oleg Galay

EG OBLIQUE GRAPH ‘Complete Oblique’ 2LP – re-issue

Re-issue of the ‘complete Oblique’ 2LP on Vinyls On Demand.

“This 2 Lp-Set contains Bryn Jones, (alias Muslimgauze) earliest musical works as his then-moniker, E.g Oblique Graph. An important, ‘must-have’ document on a nascent artist’s first steps towards technical and musical mastery. This material is recorded between 1981 to 1983 and self-released on Product Kinematograph as well as underground label, Recloose, in extremely limited tape and vinyl editions.”


Limited edition of 300 copies.

Already sold out!!!

Muslimgauze ‎– Silknoose (re-issue with a bonus cd)

The russian label Aquarellist has released a new edition of the album ‘Silknoose’, originally released by Daft records in 1995.

A very limited edition of 100 numbered copies will also be released, with a bonus CD named ‘Zarm’ (11 rare tracks from various compilations).
3 versions :
6-panel digipak, silk-screen printing on green paper is numbered from 1 to 26.
6-panel digipak, silk-screen printing on olive paper is numbered from 27 to 50.
6-panel digipak, silk-screen printing on black paper is numbered from 51 to 100.

Excellent artwork by Oleg Galay!

1 cd (limited edition of 400) : http://www.discogs.com/Muslimgauze-Silknoose/release/6152245

2 cds (very limited edition of 100): http://www.discogs.com/Muslimgauze-Silknoose/release/6152308

Muslimgauze : Chasing the shadow of Bryn Jones / OUT!

Box set (10 vinyls / book / cd)  or book alone (cd included too).

The GEORGEOUS biography of Bryn Jones alias Muslimgauze is now available as 2 different editions on Vinyls On Demand (VOD).
> the book alone or the book+10vinyls of the 80′s period.
Both edition comes with a  CD-Compilation released in collaboration with Soleilmoon recordings ‘A Putrid Oasis’ ranging recordings from 1987-2003, with an unreleased track.
It’s a limited edition, so don’t sleep on it!!!!


http://www.vinyl-on-demand.com/-1-402-482.htm (Germany) BOXSET SOLD OUT

Boomkat (UK) *Free Shipping in the UK*

Soleilmoon (US)
box set: http://www.soleilmoon.com/?p=3536
book: http://www.soleilmoon.com/?p=3537

Muslimgauze – “Martyr Shrapnel” [TMPS 14] OUT NOW!

Artist: Muslimgauze
Title: “Martyr Shrapnel”
Format: CD

Packaging: Arigato pack with

Catalog number: TMPS 14
Shipping date: November 2012
Quantity: 300

The Muslimgauze Preservation Society presents Martyr Shrapnel, a personalized limited CD release of 300 handnumbered copies of rare and previously unreleased Muslimgauze tracks.
Material will mainly consist of Fathom bonus 3” CDR’s Palestina Cache and Analog Zikr, along with a few surprises.
Tracks were produced from 1996 to 1998, shrapnel from various sporadic masters, hence, Martyr Shrapnel. Now is your chance to get all this fine, mostly beats and breaksdriven music with its crazy effects, gain shifts and panning in one nifty listening experience. On this release, TMPS welcomes New York Citybased Eric Kessel who brings his artistry and layout talents to the handstamped cover art, extensive liner text/imagery, CD surface art and bonus stickers. The visual theme of this release will be the ongoing tragedy in Syria. The late Bryn Jones was always current with events in the Mid East and now is no exception as he beats his drums for the opressed from beyond the grave…
First 50 orders are eligible for a limited ‘special edition’ Martyr Shrapnel with bonus papyrus inserts, handprinted in Egypt.

You can order your copy on Soleilmoon / Speaker Fire (Portland – USA) or on the Discogs Marketplace (Faculté Distribution in France / Playing by Ear in USA).