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The Muslimgauze Preservation Society [TMPS] – Interview.

An interesting interview of the people behind the Muslimgauze Preservation Society can be read here :


Muslimgauze – “Martyr Shrapnel” [TMPS 14] OUT NOW!

Artist: Muslimgauze
Title: “Martyr Shrapnel”
Format: CD

Packaging: Arigato pack with

Catalog number: TMPS 14
Shipping date: November 2012
Quantity: 300

The Muslimgauze Preservation Society presents Martyr Shrapnel, a personalized limited CD release of 300 handnumbered copies of rare and previously unreleased Muslimgauze tracks.
Material will mainly consist of Fathom bonus 3” CDR’s Palestina Cache and Analog Zikr, along with a few surprises.
Tracks were produced from 1996 to 1998, shrapnel from various sporadic masters, hence, Martyr Shrapnel. Now is your chance to get all this fine, mostly beats and breaksdriven music with its crazy effects, gain shifts and panning in one nifty listening experience. On this release, TMPS welcomes New York Citybased Eric Kessel who brings his artistry and layout talents to the handstamped cover art, extensive liner text/imagery, CD surface art and bonus stickers. The visual theme of this release will be the ongoing tragedy in Syria. The late Bryn Jones was always current with events in the Mid East and now is no exception as he beats his drums for the opressed from beyond the grave…
First 50 orders are eligible for a limited ‘special edition’ Martyr Shrapnel with bonus papyrus inserts, handprinted in Egypt.

You can order your copy on Soleilmoon / Speaker Fire (Portland – USA) or on the Discogs Marketplace (Faculté Distribution in France / Playing by Ear in USA).

Muslimgauze – Satyajit Eye on VINYL [TMPS12] / OUT NOW

more infos : http://ikhider.com/?p=304

Order on Fathom : http://fathomdistribution.com/viewAlbum.php?c=TMPS+12
or on Soleilmoon http://soleilmoon.com

On fathom, get a free muslimgauze cassette tape ‘Analog Zikr‘ [TMPS13] with your order.

E.g. Oblique Graph CDR / 2 tracks’ [TMPS11]

Free 3inch cd-r with 2  E.g. Oblique Graph tracks  from 1982, sent for free with any order on the Fathom Distribution website. (limited edition of 50 promo only!!!)

Don’t forget to have a look on the blog of I.Khider, where you can read lots of interesting informations about this cr-r and Bryn Jones/ Muslimgauze.

Muslimgauze – From The Edge [TMPS10] / OUT NOW

Muslimgauze – From The Edge [Deluxe edition]
label : TMPS
2 CD’s / limited edition of 500.
Release date : 14 november 2011

Click ‘PDF file’ for press release.

Muslimgauze remix The Rootsman [TMPS08] + free [TMPS09] / OUT NOW

Artist: The Rootsman/Muslimgauze
Title: “Fuck Israel”
Catalog #: TMPS08
Release Date : september 2011

Order on TMPS or Staalplaat / Soleilmoon.

There is a 5 track, three-inch discs (22 minutes) available for free
to those who place an order with Fathom Distribution.


Muslimgauze – “In Search of the Abraham Mosque” [TMPS05] OUT NOW

Read the press release info (pdf) for details. Some other infos (like how to get muslimgauze ‘metallic’ stickers) can be founded on the Fathom news page here : http://www.fathomdistribution.com/blog/
Buy your copy on fathom distribution (US)/ forced exposure (US)/ soleilmoon (US) or staalplaat (Germany).

Muslimgauze remix The Rootsman [TMPS06] – OUT NOW

ORDER now on Fathom distribution website and receive a promo cd-r [TMPS07] with 3 upcoming tracks.
More infos : http://blog.fathomdistribution.com/
Order : http://fathomdistribution.com/viewAlbum.php?c=TMPS06
Also available from Soleilmoon / Forced Exposure / Staalplaat.
Artist: The Rootsman/Muslimgauze
Title: “On-Line Jihad”
Catalog #: TMPS06
Release Date : 20 june 2011

Muslimgauze Posters [TMPS03 & TMPS04]

“The Muslimgauze Preservation Society proudly presents TMPS03 and TMPS04,
artwork that originated from Bryn Jones, hand-printed onto genuine papyrus
in Egypt. The artwork sources are the cover art for “Nile Quartra” (Jara,
1994) and an unreleased image in Jones’ customary collage style. Not
commonly known is that Jones was professionally trained as a graphics
designer in both London and Manchester, England before going on stints as an
intern. These skills were then directly applied to Muslimgauze album
releases and handbills until signed to a label in 1990, with the exception
of /Nile Quartra/ among a couple others-which Jones was happy to produce.
The MPS approached a generations old print shop in Cairo, Egypt to dust off
their antique press machines and print off a very limited run (edition of
100 each) of Egyptian-blue prints onto high quality papyrus designed to
out-last prospective owners by a millennia or so. What better way to
preserve the legacy of Bryn Jones than onto one of history’s more enduring
Note: TMPS 04 has Islamic phrasings in Arabic hence, The Muslimgauze
Preservation Society requests buyers treat it with respect.”

Posters available at FathomStaalplaat & Soleilmoon.

Muslimgauze – “Camel Through A Needles Eye” [TMPS02]

Order your copie of the album (2 cd’s) on the Fathom Distribution website (CANADA)/ Soleilmoon (US)/ Forced Exposure (US) / Playing By Ear (US) Staalplaat (Germany).
Tracks recorded from june to late 1996 by Bryn Jones.
The tracks are all remixes from Ep’s of Steven Wilson groups No-Man & Porcupine Tree.

Track 8 on disc 1 and track 9 on disc 2 are the same.
Limited edition of 500.