Muslimgauze : Chasing the shadow of Bryn Jones / OUT!

Box set (10 vinyls / book / cd)  or book alone (cd included too).

The GEORGEOUS biography of Bryn Jones alias Muslimgauze is now available as 2 different editions on Vinyls On Demand (VOD).
> the book alone or the book+10vinyls of the 80′s period.
Both edition comes with a  CD-Compilation released in collaboration with Soleilmoon recordings ‘A Putrid Oasis’ ranging recordings from 1987-2003, with an unreleased track.
It’s a limited edition, so don’t sleep on it!!!! (Germany) BOXSET SOLD OUT

Boomkat (UK) *Free Shipping in the UK*

Soleilmoon (US)
box set:


  • Jack
    12 March 2014 - 11 h 29 min | Permalink

    This looks amazing, but it would be nice to have another, less expensive edition for those of us who don’t have 250 Euros to spend. Any plans for this?

    • arabbox
      7 August 2014 - 2 h 32 min | Permalink

      There is also a ‘book alone’ edition.
      For the music, I don’t think you can find the 10 vinyls separately for less then 250 euros now, the original editions are very rare and expensive now.
      The only cheap way is getting them as digital downloads, not sure where to find them…

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