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AZZAZIN digital release (‘Port Said’ version, with track titles)



Issue of an earlier version of Azzazin under a different name and with track titles. Track 9 of Azzazin is split into tracks 9 and 10 here. Track 9 here matches the version that appears on Beyond The Blue Mosque.

From Staalplaat: “The title is the title Bryn gave it. As far as I can hear it’s not the same but it’s very similar. We did not respond to the first master so he renamed it and reworked it and sent it again. Because we did not use the old master he used all the names for other stuff. I put it out so that people can listen for themselves.”

Muslimgauze ‎– Lalique Gadaffi Handgrenade (Digital / LP)

Given Bryn Jones‘s rather slack approach to track titles (both being consistent with and sometimes even just supplying them), it’s a bit of a relief to realize that two tracks with the same name are indeed related. In the case of “Arab Jerusalem”, which makes up nearly half of the newly-released Lalique Gadaffi Handgrenade, that kinship is immediately apparent even though both tracks are clearly their own experiences. Released as the first track on the Minaret-Spearker picture disc 7″ in 1996, “Arab Jeruzalem” (spelling also sometimes being fairly slack) is nearly six minutes of effectively shifting dark ambience, wordless female vocals drifting over the hand percussion, chimes, and static of the track, with eventual conversational loops discussing… something underneath. The end of that version is especially striking for the way the woman’s wordless singing starts being sampled in such a way that it overlays the whole track (and, slightly, itself). The almost 24-minute “Arab Jerusalem” here might be called the Deer Hunter version of the same story, building with great patience and many more abstract detours towards what now seems like simultaneously an excerpt and, now, a climax. As with many of Jones’ more ambient tracks, the great length just lets it cast its spell more thoroughly and entrancingly. The other three tracks, meanwhile, suggest some of Jones’ other work but never evoke them as directly as “Arab Jerusalem”. “Jordan River” is nearly as long (a second shy of 20 minutes) but strips out the vocal elements in its predecessor, focusing instead on a more active percussive workout (analog and digital both). The title track of Lalique Gadaffi Handgrenade might bring to mind the title of “Lalique Gadaffi Jar” from Libya Tour Guide, last reissued by Staalplaat in 2015 (ARCHIVE 031CD), but if they’re sonically related Jones must have practically melted the other track to get this one. And the closing “Desert Gulag” (like the title track, a much more manageable length than the first two epic tracks here) bears a slight resemblance to “Negev Gulag” from 1996′s Fatah Guerrilla, here what was a piercing, repetitive drone is softened and looped over more of Jones’ percussion. The result is a well-rounded release that shows off many aspects of Jones’ sound as Muslimgauze, while existing (like many of these DAT tapes do) in conversation with much of his previously released work. All tracks written, performed, mixed by Muslimgauze. Recorded, engineered, mixed by John Delf. Unreleased material. Edition of 700.

Digital version (september 2019) :


LP version available as a pre-order on Staalplaat (release date : december 2019??)


8 Digital albums added today on Itunes

Staalplaat has added 8 albums on itunes today.

There are the 2 last releases on the archive serie and also some ancient albums that were previously licensed from Staalplaat to other labels (except Baghdad and Mort aux vaches). They all come with a digital booklet.

-Minaret Speaker
-Zilver – Feel The Hiss
-In Search of Ahmad Shah Masood (Extra Noize Versions)
-Uzbekistani Bizzare and Souk
-Mort aux vaches
-Melt (Ep) sold at the album price…   an alternative : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/jaagheed-zarb/id740958673 (3 tracks of the Ep included)

link : https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/muslimgauze/id4870543

These albums are also available on Boomkat (16/03/2015 ) as Mp3 / Flac downloads.

Muslimgauze – Trial Mixes 1997-1998 [Free download]

Muslimgauze – Trial Mixes 1997-1998

Originally intended as a cassette only release for Dizzy Positivity 1999.

All tracks recorded and mixed by Bryn Jones 97/98.
DAT transfer September 2014.

Released 30 October 2014
DigitalDizzy  – dD8.