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Muslimgauze – Vote Hezbollah (2 CD’s)

1. Bazoft Rope
2. Muezzin Farsi
3. Ishmael Tongue
4. Jawani Zindabad
5. Tuareg
6. Miyazawa
7. Zion Poison
8. Satyajit Eye
9. Ishmael Tongue
10. Bazoft Rope
11. Muezzin Farsi
12. Jawani Zindabad
13. Bazoft Rope

1. Muezzin Farsi
2. Jawani Zindabad
3. Bazoft Rope
4. Satyajit Eye
5. Tuareg
6. Miyazawa
7. Zion Poison
8. Ishmael Tongue
9. Negev Gulag

All Tracks Written, Performed And Recorded By Muslimgauze, 1992
Engineered And Mixed By John Delf
Re – Mixed By Muslimgauze
DAT transfer: May 2018
Mastered by A.P at GS Mastering & Post, June 2018
Art Direction & Design By Oleg Galay

CDI: Vote Hezbollah
Previously Published By Soleilmoon Recordings – SOL 17 CD In 1993
And By Nexsound ‎– ns26 In 2004
CDII: Vote Hezbollah (new version) previously unreleased

Dedicated to the freedom of Palestine


Muslimgauze ‎– Maroon on LP

Limited edition of 500 vinyl LPs housed in hand-printed, laser-cut and sewed 1mm thick cardboard covers.
All produced and assembled by hand in a pure DIY spirit.


Wish Of The Flayed – CD out on Aquarellist Records

The Wish OF The Flayed cassette tape gets a very limited physical CD release on Aquarellist Records., remastered for the occasion.

Limited edition of 300 copies in Jewel Case.

Don’t sleep !




The Rootsman vs Muslimgauze “City Of Djinn”

Re-issue of the album “City Of Djinn” (muslimgauze remix The Rootsman) on the Russian label Aquarellist.

2 editions :

The Rootsman vs Muslimgauze
City Of Djinn

Reissue of original material previously published in 2000 on CD byThird Eye Music

CD, limited numbered edition 142 copies in a digipak with silk-screen printing

aquarel 39-17 b

The Rootsman vs Muslimgauze
City Of Djinn

Reissue of original material previously published in 2000 on CD by Third Eye Music

CD, limited edition 360 copies in jewel case

aquarel 39-17



Muslimgauze “Port Said” 2 CD, ltd. 500, Aquarellist

Release date : March 10.
Muslimgauze “Port Said” CD, ltd. 120, Aquarellist (aquarel 38-17 b), 2017
Digipak, silk-screen printing on design paper.
The first 50 copies in linen bags with a t-shirt.
Muslimgauze “Port Said” 2 CD, ltd. 500, Aquarellist (aquarel 38-17), 2017
Digisleeve, offset. On the second CD remixes on original material from
A.P., Bass Communion, Dead Voices On Air, Esplendor Geométrico,In Death It Ends, Rapoon, Scanner, Simon Crab, Pacific 231,QST (Frans de Waard), Troum and Velehentor.
Design – Oleg Galay
Bandcamp :


Jerusalaam (ARCHIVE 032CD) & Mohammad Ali Jinnah (ARCHIVE 020CD)

Jerusalaam (ARCHIVE 032CD) Mohammad Ali Jinnah (ARCHIVE 020CD)

Both released on CD , release date : 30 november 2016

Edition of 700 each.


bandcamp (digital + cd) :



Muslimgauze “Trial Mixes 1997-1998″ 2CD Aquarellist Out Now

Muslimgauze “Trial Mixes 1997-1998″ 2CD, Aquarellist,
aquarel 35-16 / 35-16 b out now!

300 copies in an offset digipak (17 Euro)
150 copies in a digipak from a design cardboard with silk-screen printing (23 Euro)
50 copies in a digipak from a design cardboard with silk-screen printing in a wooden case with a t-shirt and a linen bag (70 Euro)

Ali Zarin – 2 LP’s on Staaplaat / Pre-order

Muslimgauze Ali Zarin -2LP’s – ARCHIVE SERIE 035
Pre-order now on Staalplaat !
Estimated shipping date: June 30th.


EG OBLIQUE GRAPH ‘Complete Oblique’ 2LP – re-issue

Re-issue of the ‘complete Oblique’ 2LP on Vinyls On Demand.

“This 2 Lp-Set contains Bryn Jones, (alias Muslimgauze) earliest musical works as his then-moniker, E.g Oblique Graph. An important, ‘must-have’ document on a nascent artist’s first steps towards technical and musical mastery. This material is recorded between 1981 to 1983 and self-released on Product Kinematograph as well as underground label, Recloose, in extremely limited tape and vinyl editions.”


Limited edition of 300 copies.

Already sold out!!!

Muslimgauze ‎– Silknoose (re-issue with a bonus cd)

The russian label Aquarellist has released a new edition of the album ‘Silknoose’, originally released by Daft records in 1995.

A very limited edition of 100 numbered copies will also be released, with a bonus CD named ‘Zarm’ (11 rare tracks from various compilations).
3 versions :
6-panel digipak, silk-screen printing on green paper is numbered from 1 to 26.
6-panel digipak, silk-screen printing on olive paper is numbered from 27 to 50.
6-panel digipak, silk-screen printing on black paper is numbered from 51 to 100.

Excellent artwork by Oleg Galay!

1 cd (limited edition of 400) : http://www.discogs.com/Muslimgauze-Silknoose/release/6152245

2 cds (very limited edition of 100): http://www.discogs.com/Muslimgauze-Silknoose/release/6152308