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Muslimgauze – Azzazin (2 LP’s)

“‘Azzazin’ is a double standout Muslimgauze album, first LP originally issued in 1996, as a CD and the second LP as a 10″.
Previously released on CD (Muslimlim 003) and 10″ (Muslimlim 007) in 1996.
2 unreleased tracks.
Limited edition of 700 copies.


Muslimgauze ‎– Eleven Minarets LP/CD

Muslimgauze ‎– Eleven Minarets LP/CD
release date :  29 october 2018
Previously released by Soleilmoon as part of Arab Quarter.

Limited vinyl and CD editions are of 300 copies each.

Design notes:
Artwork contains elements of sacred Islamic geometry.
The metallized bronze paint was not covered by any protective materials and with time artwork naturally will grow older as if it was scratched by sand and time.

“Dedicated to Palestinians living under Israel’s jackboot.
I cannot begin to know how it feels,
I can only understand the revenge taken”
- Bryn Jones

Written, played and mixed by Muslimgauze in 1996.

Muslimgauze ‎– Ingaza LP

New LP edition of the album ‘Ingaza’ (previously released in the ‘box of silk and dogs’ cd boxset in 1999, and also as a standalone cd in 2006.)

Limited edition of 700 copies.
Staalplaat records

Muslimgauze ‎– Maroon on LP

Limited edition of 500 vinyl LPs housed in hand-printed, laser-cut and sewed 1mm thick cardboard covers.
All produced and assembled by hand in a pure DIY spirit.


Muslimgauze ‎– Mullah Said / re-issue on 2 LP’s

Muslimgauze ‎– Mullah Said / re-issue on 2 LP’s.
Limited edition of 500 copies.
Originally released on CD in 1998 as Muslimlim018.


Muslimgauze ‎– Gun Aramaic Part 2 / LP re-issue

Muslimgauze ‎– Gun Aramaic Part 2  / LP re-issue
on Aquarellist.

Limited edition of 300 copies on black vinyl.
50 copies (aquarel 42-17 b) comes with a black t-shirt and
white linen bag.

Ali Zarin – 2 LP’s on Staaplaat / Pre-order

Muslimgauze Ali Zarin -2LP’s – ARCHIVE SERIE 035
Pre-order now on Staalplaat !
Estimated shipping date: June 30th.


Muslimgauze vinyl re-issues on VOD

Muslimgauze vinyl re-issues on Vinyls On Demand, 10 albums from 1983 to 1988.
Also available on Boomkat.
Each album is a limited edition of 200 copies. New artworks.
Don’t sleep!

Rare track of Muslimgauze from 1985 – Split Ep 12″




Buy 12″  (4 tracks):


Buy digital (5 tracks):


“Glasgow mainstays Optimo have announced the release of a new 12” via their own Optimo Trax imprint from Muslimgauze which claims to predate UK Hardcore by around five years. You can hear previews above.

Announcing the release, a text says: “In 1996, JD Twitch released a 12″ by Manchester’s Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze on his then label Pi Recordings. He also, along with a friend, arranged Muslimgauze’s first and only Scottish live performance (attended by 6 people). Around that time, Jones, sadly no longer with us and one of the most prolific musicians ever to exist sent Twitch multiple CD-Rs of unreleased material, including the track featured here. He said he had made this track in 1985, and there is no reason to doubt his word although also no way to prove this is true, but we are going to accept his word for it which means that it could be said Jones pre-empted UK Hardcore around 5 years before anyone else. This is made all the more remarkable by the fact that he never used samplers but rather worked extensively with tape loops.”

JD Twitch, one half of Optimo, has very slightly edited the track, entitled ‘Untitled 1985’ to make it more club-playable (???), while Gerd Janson and Victor Shan have been enlisted to turn in an updated ‘rave mix’. The split 12”, which also features the sounds of field recordings from Kenya’s Mukunguni tribe edited by male/female duo Underspreche, is out on vinyl and digitally on January 15, 2016.”

Staalplaat reissues/repress for June 2015.

Uzbekistani Bizzare And Souk re-issue as a LP (500 copies) Estimated shipping date: June/July last week of August 2015.

Sulaymaniyah repress (700 copies) released

Sycophant Of Purdah repress (700 copies) released