Muslimgauze – Beirut Transister / OUT NOW

Release date : 26 april 2011.
Order on Staalplaat.

1. Beirut Transister
2. Head To Toe In Morocco Leather
3. Sand Is A Problem For Bedouin Mercedes
4. Egyptian Song Contest
5. Anti Mullah Iranian Enjinnear
6. Turkish Black Sea
7. Find Yugoslav Butcher Of Muslims
8. Into Iznik
9. No News Of North Africa
10. Soufaf In Golf

11. This Veil Hides My Tears

muslimgauze – beirut transister (staalplaat) by pdis_inpartmaint

“It is definitely the ethno-electro part of the Muslimgauze catalog, I recognize parts of /Jebel Tariq/, but there are different versions of previously-released material…as if heavily spiced, and (to these ears) unreleased stuff. I like how there are some nice low-end frequencies for bass heads. This is the kind of stuff best appreciated on club speakers or cars with killer bass that bring their own earthquake. Rather than snaking bass that slithers through (like on Cobra Head Soup), this is more like listening to Muslimgauze from a Hezbollah bunker while the Israelis shell and bomb in time to the music.”


  • marker
    11 April 2011 - 16 h 36 min | Permalink

    waiting for my copy, this is gonna be sick

  • Hamzatalwasl
    21 April 2011 - 15 h 50 min | Permalink

    I always wondered if MG had ever sampled that Dunya Yasin vocal (the soundcloud track), since he’s sampled other pieces from the same record (Human Voice in the World of Islam on Tangent Records). Eno and Byrne use it beautifully in Regiment – sends shivers down my spine.

  • arabbox
    29 May 2011 - 2 h 17 min | Permalink
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