Muslimgauze – “In Search of the Abraham Mosque” [TMPS05] OUT NOW

Read the press release info (pdf) for details. Some other infos (like how to get muslimgauze ‘metallic’ stickers) can be founded on the Fathom news page here :
Buy your copy on fathom distribution (US)/ forced exposure (US)/ soleilmoon (US) or staalplaat (Germany).


  • marker
    2 July 2011 - 12 h 09 min | Permalink

    Looks like another groundbreaker on the way…
    Btw I wish someone have release Bryn remix of Bill Laswell.

  • arabbox
    3 July 2011 - 23 h 53 min | Permalink

    It seems that there is some audio problems that prevents Soleilmoon records from releasing it, it’s really a shame…

  • jesus
    22 July 2011 - 20 h 31 min | Permalink

    either way it would be nice if they released what they have in any capacity, if they feel it has too many technical issues to sell at least give it to fans.

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